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Gift a membership to the sassiest club around - even if it's to yourself, we don't judge!

Prepay and save with this 12-month subscription. This subscription offers an 18% discount off regular prices ($34.50/month). US Shipping is included in the price.

Every month, recipients will receive a single candle delivered directly to their doorstep. Giving Sass Club as a gift? We’ll help you keep it a surprise! Sass Club recipients will be notified of their membership with their first shipment.

The purchaser will decide which scent family they would prefer to send/receive. Recipients will receive one candle from our newest collection each month. If we don't have the scent family available, we will send something similar or one from a past collection.

The first shipment includes the delivery schedule for the Sass Club membership, customer-service contact information, and instructions for changes of address. 

There are four scent families: woody, floral, oriental, and fresh.

  • Floral: One of the most common families. Used in many well-known perfumes, it usually takes on a feminine characteristic in fragrance.
    • Smells Like: Fresh Cut Flowers, Powdery
    • Subfamilies: Fruity, Floral, Soft Floral
  • Oriental: Includes herbs, spices, and dry powdery resin notes. Oriental scents can be described as “sensual,” warm and “exotic.”
    • Smells Like: Herbal, Spicy, or Dry Resin Notes
    • Common Notes: Vanilla, Myrrh, Anise
  • Woody: Includes scents that are warm and opulent, mixing incense like fragrances like sandalwood and patchouli with drier notes like cedar.
    • Smells Like: Warm, Opulent, Powdery
    • Common Notes: Patchouli, Vetiver, Sandalwood.
  • Fresh: Defined by zingy, aromatic compositions backed with underlying woodsy notes.
    • Smells Like: Bright, herby, citrusy, clean, oceanic
    • Common Notes: Citrus, White Flowers, Bergamot